CHOP CHOP is a traditional Cantonese ‘siu mei’ restaurant with a fun and modern setting, with the first outlet in North Point in consultation with "Hong Kong God of Cookery" Chef Dai Lung.


Enjoy our signature pork belly Char Siew and other high quality Cantonese roasts for lunch, dinner, or takeaway.


At CHOP CHOP, the combination of ‘char siew’, fried egg and fragrant rice is a simple recipe distinguished by top quality ingredients.  Fresh pork belly is used for its delicate texture.  Marinated with high-proofed Chinese rose wine and Chef Dai’s unique recipe, the succulent meat colors naturally from caramelization through prolonged roasting in lower temperatures.  The resultant meat is lightly charred on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, offering a natural pork ‘sweetness’.  No artificial coloring is added.



The master chef portrayed in the movie ‘God of Cookery’, is widely regarded as one of Hong Kong’s top four Cantonese chefs. The refreshed new image of classic barbecue meat is headlined by his famous signature dish, ‘Roasted Pork Belly Char Siew Rice’.

Chef Dai is meticulous with quality.  "Even the best Char Siew has to be consumed within two hours after roasting," he says. Chef Dai insists on roasting the meats in five separate batches every day to ensure freshness and succulence.